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#4 The Scissors King

In this episode of the World Champions Podcast, journey back to the days after Frank Gotch had left professional wrestling without a shining light. It was up to a totally new star to rise to the fore and keep audiences engaged. Joe Stecher and his amazing ‘trick legs’ caught the nation’s attention, the first man after Gotch himself to do that. Ed ‘Strangler’ Lewis and other luminaries also enter the scene, ready to prove their mettle.

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#3 Gotch & Hackenschmidt

This week on The World Champions, two legends of the pro wrestling ring are set to do battle with the greatest prize of them all on the line: the world heavyweight champions. For the first time in history there will be no credible dispute. But with two such diametrically opposed personalities as Frank Gotch and Georg Hackenschmidt there was no way things would go quite smoothly.

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